Our Most Common Procedures

Initial Consultation £280
Follow Up Consultation £180
Virtual or Telephone Consultation £80
Biometry £30
Cataract Surgery / Lens Replacement £895
Intravitreal Injections (of Lucentis/Avastin/Eylea/Ozurdex) £400
Extralesional injection of Triamcinolone (one eye) £125
Extralesional injection of Triamcinolone (both eyes) £175
YAG Laser (one eye) £280
YAG Laser (both eyes) £500
Argon Laser (per session) £450
Argon Laser (both eyes, same visit) £800
SLT Laser (one eye) £350
SLT Laser (both eyes, same visit) £650
Laser Iridotomy (both eyes) £600
YAG Vitreolysis (includes five treatments + follow up) £1200
Incision of Lesion £200
Excision of Lesion £200
Insertion of Punctal Plugs £150
Insertion of Punctal Plugs (if carried out with a consultation) £90
Excision of Pterygium £460
Punctocanaliculoplasty (“3 snip”) £300
Trabeculectomy £900

In addition to Mr Horgan’s fees above, the clinic/hospital will also make a charge for items such as supply of drugs and use of laser machines, clean rooms, theatre etc. Please enquire with the clinic/hospital that you are attending to obtain an accurate quotation for their services. A guide to package prices can be obtained from our Practice Manager:

Lorraine Williams
Tel: 020 7060 9911 (opt 1)
Email: Lorraine@eyehealthcare.co.uk


Volumella Price List

1 area £170
2 areas £190
3 areas £220

Lips Shape with Lidocaine 0.6 ml £220
Lips Contour with Lidocaine 0.6 ml £220
Any additional lip filler up to 0.6 ml at the same visit £80

If you require an alternative product we can provide a quotation and source this upon request.

Botulinum Toxins (Bocouture or Azzalure):

If no effect is seen in the treated area after two weeks, a free top up can be carried out.  (maximum:  one top up per area).   After which fees apply.

Dermal Fillers (Belotero):

Should extra enhancement or volume be required, a further charge will be made for additional Belotero.

Payment methods:

Cash or card on the day.

Volumella Fees Chart

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